Viu Laehon
Hollideus Universe
Viu Laehon Head
Concept art by Adam Nikolaj Margaard.
Background Information:
Debut: Chapter I ~ The Storytelling,
Kaelicious Counterpart: Vengeancekael
Character Information:
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Unknown
Home: A flying castle
Relatives: None
Current status: Alive, continuing to overlook the world's history from his flying castle.

Viu Laehon is bla bla. Short description.

Short biography.

Short background.


Hollideus I: The Horrors of Halloween Edit

What happened to Viu Laehon in this novel?

Description in Details Edit

Appearance Personality Abilities

Relationships with items, locations, and other characters Edit

Notes and TriviaEdit

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