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This article contains lore from the Kaelicious roleplay. Although the content of the Hollideus Universe might be based on such lore, this article should NOT be taken as representing any Hollideus Universe lore whatsoever.
Vengeancekael's flying castle was a castle placed upon a mobile cloud from which Vengeancekael overlooked the events of the world and recorded them into the Book of Destiny. He lived there all by himself, although his love-interest, Frederica Bernkastel, stayed at the castle at one point. He later moved the castle to Icelis in the Christmas Valley to confront Lujon the Blue Mage and it was ultimately destroyed in a battle against him.

The huge empty Hall of Destiny was the location of the magical Book of Destiny, and its basement stored an enormous collection of preserved lifeless bodies of the universe's old heroes and villains. The castle also had a balcony.