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This article contains lore from the Kaelicious roleplay. Although the content of the Hollideus Universe might be based on such lore, this article should NOT be taken as representing any Hollideus Universe lore whatsoever.
Kaelicious Universe
Mordan (Kaelicious)
Mordan as depicted by Chen. This picture was added to Kaelicious' group album 03-14-2014.
Background Information:
Location type: Continent
Debut: Unknown
Hollideus Counterpart: Mordan
Lore Information:
Factions and Races: *Gurrubak Tribe
Subzones: *Kam'ger's Keep
Mordan is one of three continents in the Kaelicious Universe, east of the Western Continent and north of the Southern Continent. Mordan is divided in 2 parts.

The upper part is the ancient homeland of the Pandas where 8 Panda tribes reigned peacefully until one of them, the Gurrubak Tribe's leader Kam'ger lead a war against the other tribes. The war lead to the downfall of the 7 other tribes, although Kam'ger was also killed. Locations of note in the upper part includes Kam'ger's Keep, Tribes Fall and the Long Road.

The lower part of Mordan is called the Forgotten Lands due to a mystical fog covering all of them during the war of the Panda tribes, so the lands ended up left and forgotten by the Pandas. Around this time, or sometime later, the alien Grepetts landed with the Ship and eventually populated the Forgotten Lands, using the Ship, in the southern end of the region, as capital for their people.

Mordan was never visited in the roleplay, only included when Chenralston the Panda studied the history of his kind.