Maintainers are the members who are in charge of social groups on the Hive Workshop, gaining special rights in addition to those of ordinary group members, like deleting the pictures, posts and threads of other members. The maintainer is able to edit the group settings, and thus decide which category the social group should fit into, edit its description and group icon, as well as choosing one of the three Group Types; "Public", "Moderated" or "Invite Only". The maintainer is able to enable or disable the group album, and decide whether or not the ordinary members should be able to post messages in the social group. In addition to all this, the maintainer is able to view deleted threads, and of course to transfer maintainership over the group to another member.

In the Kaelicious social group, being the maintainer means holding responsibility for a list of things, like making sure to define the rules of the group and keeping the other members from breaking them, and ensure the continuity in the roleplay by making new roleplaying events at the begining of each month, and making up matching rules for those events. The maintainer is even able to completely restart the roleplay, change its universe, and is thus often directly hold responsible for the fate of the group in the eyes of the members. The Kaelicious social group have had three different maintainers in its history so far. It was created by Vengeancekael in November 2012 who maintained it until the Easter holiday event in April 2013 was over. After this, Bernkastel took over maintainership of the group until the Red Christmas event in December 2013 was over. Amargaard have held the title as Kaelicious' maintainer ever since January 2014