In both the Kaelicious universe and the Hollideus universe, magic energy (Also called Magic, Mana or just Energy) is the special kind of energy, that shares similarity to all physical energy in that it must be created from a source from other kinds of energy, and that it is the very capicity for reactions to happen. However, what differs magic energy from physical energy, is its ability to cause supernatural and magical reactions to happen, instead of physical reactions, and also the fact that magic energy can all be absorbed and used by any able sorcerer or sorceress, who can learn to control and use the energies to perform in desired ways.

There are several different kinds of magic energies, and they are all created from different sources. The sources are always directly or indirectly connected with the deities who represents one energy type each. Known magic types includes Light Magic, Dark Magic, Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Love MagicInsanity Magic and Time Magic.

The different element types are used for different kinds of spells, and some go well together while others don't. Combining magic energies often result in remarkably more powerful spells, but can be very dangerous to the caster, if not done correctly. Thus, most spellcasters usually stick to using, and attempting to master the use of one of the magic energies only.