Bernkastel's current Avatar-picture on the Hive Workshop, depicting Frederica Bernkastel.
Project Member: No
Roles: None
Contact Information:
Wikia account: N/A
Hive account: Bernkastel
deviantART account: PatchworkChimaera
Facebook account: N/A

Bernkastel, formerly known as Garshilan and Xi Wangmu on the Hive Workshop and known as PatchworkChimaera on deviantART, but more often called "Bern" or "Garsh", is a 20-year-old guy living in Uusimaa, Finland, born the 14th of January 1994, and was the maintaining member of the Kaelicious social group from May 2013, when Vengeancekael passed on the title to him, lasting until January 2014, where he gave the maintainership rights to Amargaard.

Bernkastel joined the Kaelicious roleplay in December 2012 with an unnamed post, using Frederica Bernkastel as his Main Character. Extra Characters created by Bernkastel in the roleplay includes Momo Aiya Mithra Aurora Sie Kara, Origin 23 and the God of Darkness.