2014 was the year where Amargaard took over maintainership of the Kaelicious social group on the Hive Workshop already in January, and made sure that the Kaelicious universe evolved through every single month, launching either holiday events based on the original ones by Vengeancekael, or hosting Free Roleplaying months. January started out with such a free roleplay, followed by The Valentine Wars in February, another free roleplay in March, and finally The Easter Games in April. Every month since then have been free roleplaying months, due to lack of good enough ideas for actual holiday events.

2014 was also the year where Amargaard created the Hollideus Project Wiki, and started editing it alone, hoping to announce it to the rest of the group when ready.

Several members joined during 2014, and most of those members helped continue the actual Kaelicious universe roleplay, although it was run majorly by the veteran members. Because of this, Amargaard allowed the players to create a specific amount of Extra Characters in addition to their respective Main Characters. All members who posted in 2014 includes: Alagremm, Amargaard, Bernkastel, Chenralstrasz, David, Dawn, GreeN!X, Hell_Master, kari0003, Kyousuke Imadori, Paillan, Rheiko, Roland, Sky Green, StormWarriors2, and Vengeancekael.

A yet unknown amount of future novels in the Hollideus novel series will be based on the roleplaying events of 2014.