2013 was the year where Vengeancekael experimented a lot with the new Kaelicious social group on the Hive Workshop, switching its name every time a new holiday event was launched, Cupid & Mania in February, and finally Kaelicious in April. The following month, May 2013, Vengeancekael handed over maintainership to Bernkastel, who instantly took distance from the Kaelicious universe and created entirely new roleplaying universes for the members, but found out that they needed to be trashed due to low interest from the roleplayers. In December 2013 she finally returned the Kaelicious universe back as the roleplaying universe, and that month proved to be very active and successful.

Many members joined during those twelve months, and many of those members helped continue the actual Kaelicious universe roleplay, or the two failed new roleplay attempts during the year. All members who posted in 2013 includes: Alagremm, Almia, Amargaard, Azsure, BandolXD, Bernkastel, Chaosy, c.a.i 7, Daffa the Mage, darkceus, David, Dawn, Deolrin, don_svetlio, Gen Bloodhorn, GreeN!X, Hell_Master, kari0003, Kyousuke Imadori, Legion_King, MasterTrainer, morbent, Orcnet, Paillan, Rheiko, Roland, Rozll0rt, Sin'dorei300, Sky Green, VeljkoM, Vengeancekael and Vladadamm.

A yet unknown amount of future novels in the Hollideus novel series will be based on the roleplaying events of 2013.